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    Sotsugyousei Drama CD


"Once i turn 20
Marry me."

Sotsugyousei Drama CD - Classroom scene [Last Chapter]

Kamiya Hiroshi (as Kusakabe) x Nojima Kenji (as Sajou)

I HIGHLY RECCOMEND to listen to this just if you have the english scanlations or you understand japanese.


But well, here’s my summary, this happens when Kusakabe returns from France on the graduation day, and he and Sajou visit their old classroom. (when they were in 2nd year) Kusakabe mentions if it would be fine if he also goes to Kyoto but Sajou refuses to the idea because he wants Kusakabe to continue taking new opportunities, however this leads to a dispute and Kusakabe asks Sajou if he wants to break up with him, obviously Sajou says he doesn’t want to break up but he wants Kusakabe to keep chasing his dreams because that is what he loves about him. After that both hug and cry (*sobs* and here i started crying as well) after a bit dialogue, Kusakabe asks Sajou to marry him when he turns 20, Sajou accepts, aaand they make love in the classroom while the graduation ceremony is taking place outside. (that’s why you hear their classmates singing at that scene) After that there’s a little chat between them, where Kusakabe makes Sajou says “I love you” again.

Things i do.


You can say i have a lot of free boring time without internet, so there was some days i had to something before killing myself.

I was looking at my Sotsugyousei artbook and i then i got an idea; those lovely stickers that the book has, well there is no way i would ever use them so i scanned and printed them.

I had fun dressing Sajou(*´▽`*)

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